Welcome to the Wonderful World of Finance

Anyone else cringe when they hear the word finance? That word makes me think of college- a time when I could barely pass finance and I had no clue how to my manage my finances. The word is so broad and vague and it makes me want to look away and be awkward. In the real estate world, I am asked financial questions all the time. As you can see from the cartoon below, sometimes it is all about who’s perspective you are asking from.

Now how about the words mortgage, rent, interest rate, investment, insurance, utilities, or value? Finance becomes less overwhelming and easier to understand when you break it down in to small little pieces. This is a place where I intend to post useful information about a wide variety of financial topics. The common thread? Money! When it comes to where we live, we need to invest it, save it, spend it, and stretch it the best way we can.

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