Babe, subway tile…

My husband, Mac, and I recently took a trip to Spain. It was amazing! We arrived in Madrid and booked it to the Metro. We got our tickets and took the escalator down to reach our platform. As we were standing on the escalator, I pointed to the wall…”Babe, that’s subway tile.” You could literally see the light bulb go off above his head. “Ah, that’s where it comes from!” he said.

You see, about 9 months ago we remodeled our kitchen. We replaced the beautiful (add sarcasm here) olive green tile backsplash in our kitchen with white subway tile. I pointed at the tile in the Metro because I knew he was unaware of why the ever so popular subway tile is actually called subway tile.

Mmmm waffles... I mean look at our old tile...

And here's the new subway tile!

Luckily, as a realtor, I have the pleasure of seeing well designed (and NOT so well designed) homes all the time. I am actually at a point now where I see TOO many things I love. Mac rolls his eyes at me all the time…”Just wait until you go show houses this weekend. You’ll find some different pillows that are even better than the ones you won’t shut up about.”

Admittedly, I am similar to Mac when it comes to interior design or décor. I always feel a step behind when it comes to this. I know what I like when I see it but sometimes I look at a living room and think, “Wow! This looks amazing! But I would have NEVER picked these items to go together had I seen them in separate stores.” Anyone else feel that way sometimes? If so, this can be our special place to visit for design therapy.

Here’s to adding a little style to our home lives. I hope you visit often! In addition to home décor and design, I plan to address topics such as…

-“It is possible to convert my attic into a master suite?”

-“My oven is circa 1960 and the size of a shoebox! What brands should I consider replacing it with?”

-“I want to update our master bath. My husband says it isn’t worth it. Surely he has no clue what he is talking about, right?!?”

-“I am over my living room furniture but I am on a budget. Help! I need a mini-makeover!”

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