A Self-Proclaimed Peeper

Ever heard of Netflix?

Looking at homes on a regular basis as a realtor, I find it so interesting to see the way different people live their lives. Whenever I think I’ve seen it all, I see something new and different. It’s one of my favorite things about my job.

For example, I recently showed the home of some huge movie buffs. Every room in the house had bookshelves lined with DVD’s. They collected all genres and must have owned thousands of them! About six months ago, I packed up my entire DVD collection (which consisted of about 20 DVDs) and shipped it to a charity. I never watched them and thought they could be put to better use. DVDs aren’t my thing but they were obviously important to this couple. For whatever reason, I find it really interesting to see what other people are into.

In a diverse city like Houston, I am able to see so many interesting ways of life just by showing people’s homes. You have the empty nesters, the brand new parents, the property a student rents, the full house of five, the hoarder, the hunter, the hippie, the shoe lover, the liberal, the conservative, the bachelor, that couple stuck in the 70’s…the list goes on and on. It might sound like I am stereotyping or judging people, but you would be surprised by how much a bookshelf and the contents of your fridge actually say about you and your lifestyle.

I’ve learned a lot from showing other people’s homes. This is where I plan to share those things. Here’s some examples of what I mean…

Mac and I don’t have kids yet but I already know the brand and exact style of outdoor playset I plan to buy when the time is right.

-Feng Shui is important to more people than I realized. The way your front door faces can make it or break it.

-You aren’t the only person whose treadmill is an expensive coat rack.

-I opened a hall closet last July to find a fully decorated artificial Christmas tree tucked inside. Brilliant!

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