Meet the Cast!


me :)

That’s me! Houston realtor since 2010. I consider myself well rounded, relatable, and fun. Don’t ask me something unless you want my honest opinion. I take a lot of pride in my job helping people buy, sell, and lease their homes. I am honored when people trust me enough to help them with such an important decision. Ethical business practice and turning clients into friends is a priority. Native Houstonian and Baylor graduate.




My boss

Owner of New Leaf Real Estate, top 10 realtor in Houston, and my broker and mentor. I was his assistant for four years before becoming my own agent. Entrepreneurial spirit, incredibly smart, and passionate about his job and company. He does it all with such integrity. He can build rapport with anyone on the planet, which always impresses me. Also slightly neurotic, hyper, and sometimes moody. Husband and father to two beautiful boys.



David’s younger brother. Extremely successful in the mortgage industry, which is often times very convenient for our clients. Works in our office so I have the pleasure of hearing him prank call his friends and give sales people a run for their money on a daily basis.  He’s random and full of surprises- like the time he left the office because he just had to buy a Stetson hat like LBJ used to wear. Husband and father of three adorable boys.



Mac at our wedding :)

My best friend and husband. Attorney by day, fisherman any time he is not being an attorney. Very patient, laid back, and carefree. He is the ying to my yang….extremely tidy, does not procrastinate, or speed while driving. Pickiest eater on the planet. Loves hard core rap, which I find endearing and humorous.  Answers to a variety of names including, but not limited to, Mac Daddy, Macaroni, Mac Attack, Big Mac, and Mac Truck.




Kirby Rachna

Happiest mutt on the planet. Loves wagging her tail, licking people, and playing with toys. Considers herself a “girl with curves” and is proud of it. She has eaten everything from a pound of beef jerky to a bag of jelly bellies. I got Kirby my first year in college and she has been through it all. My friends call her a dog with nine lives.





My name is Rocky!!

Strangest dog I have ever met. We call Rocky our dog with special needs. Barks, growls, and grunts whether he is happy or unhappy. Technically a Schnauzer, but looks more like a homeless runaway. I brought him home as a present for Mac one day when we were engaged. That didn’t go over too well at first but now those two are best friends.

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