Next week is a new week. Thank God.

This has been one of those weeks where I might seriously lose it. Thankfully it’s almost the weekend. Oh wait…. weekends don’t exist for realtors.

All week I have been in such a fight with my GPS. I would seriously punch her in face if it didn’t cost so much to repair my dash. Talk about knowing when you are smarter than someone! Our relationship is very strained right now. Ever had this happen? Welcome to my life.

Additionally, I lost my supra. A supra is what a realtor uses to get into lockboxes to show homes. Without a supra, you can pretty much hand in the towel. So I raced over to HAR to get a new one. I am sure I’ll find my old one tomorrow in my makeup bag or somewhere equally as irritating.

The icing on the cake was when I hit a pedestrian in Midtown yesterday evening. Technically I would consider it a “tap” versus a “hit.” But seriously people, if you see a crazed driver looking left in order to go right on red, PLEASE don’t think that I am going to notice when you decide to dash across the street. Yes, I know you have the right of way. But still. Please, beware.

Happy Friday! Be sure to check out my new Peep of the Week coming later today.


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