I Heart Houston

I often take living in Houston for granted. I’m sure I’m not the first person to ever say something like, “I am so sick of living here. There’s nothing to do. I’d love a change of scenery.” Other than four years of college (Sic ‘Em Bears!) and a few years living in Dallas, I have lived in Houston my entire life. Probably my favorite thing to do is travel and explore new places so it doesn’t surprise me that I get bored with my surrounds.

On the flip side, being a native Houstonian makes my job as a realtor a lot easier. Often times my job also makes me realize that Houston is a really awesome place to live. A recent client experience renewed my love for my hometown city.

My client’s company relocated to Houston from Savannah, Georgia. They were a younger couple and knew nothing about Houston. I spent three full days with them looking for a one year rental property. We covered the entire city and as I chauffeured them from property to property, I described each neighborhood. Being a native Houstonian, I could tell them at least a 30 year history of each little area and how it has changed over the years. I probably gave them more information than they ever cared to know, including but not limited to the following….

Free booze & bbq? Yes please!

Of course, I couldn’t leave out all the other things that make Houston an incredible city….The Theater District, Galveston, Discovery Green, Memorial Park, all that is Montrose, our best golf courses, the amazing suburb communities that surround the greater city, our school systems, Kemah boardwalk, Sam Houston Racetrack, Bayou Bend, NASA….the list can literally go on and on!

It’s times like these, when I was literally driving my clients around in circles but they had no clue, that I remember what a special place Houston is to me. It is the ultimate melting pot of people, cultures, and experiences. So when I am broke and cannot afford to take an exotic vacation, I will try to remember this post. I’ll hop in the car and venture over to Ninfa’s on Navigation or to Phoenicia Specialty Foods and pretend I am somewhere else for a while.

Houston, I owe you an apology. Thanks for all you offer and for allowing me to call you home.



  1. Do you know how many times I have thought about getting a massage from Peter and ended up asking myself…”now where did Erin say that place was again”? 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to truly show us Houston through your eyes! We’ve only begun to realize how much there truly is to offer here.

    We discovered the hospital district our very first day due to Chris’ “superman” move off the moving truck but since then we have gone to the art festival in Memorial Park, and are attending the SHO PGA Tournament this weekend. I’ve discovered Shipley’s….which is why I have recently discovered my new diet. But hey, I must say every bite is worth it! 🙂 Miller Outdoor Theater and the Museum District are next on the list!

    We truly would not have had a clue if it wasn’t for you…and to think you did this in THREE days! Miracle worker? I think so! You made our transition easy and made us feel right at home in this big city. Thank you doesn’t begin to express our gratitude!

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